What is new in 20-sim 5.1?

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What is new in 20-sim 5.1?

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20-sim 5.1 has been updated with many small improvements and three large additions:

1.the extension of the 3D Mechanics Editor to allow parametric design;
2.a new tool called the Scenario Manager to define and run simulations automatically;
3.a new and faster simulation engine that generates its the simulation instructions based on the supported CPU instruction set (e.g. prefer AVX2 instructions when supported).


1.You can now store models as a processed model file. This means you don't have to process / compile these files before starting the simulator.
2.Loading and Processing large models has been speeded up.


1.A selected submodel is now  better visible with a bold orange outline and better visible (centered) in the Editor when you click Go Up.
2.Navigate through the model hierarchy with ENTER and Backspace for submodel down and up.
3.Use the Home, End, PgUp, and PgDown keys for scrolling large models easily.



1.You choose a Speed Factor for realtime simulation.
2.Plots can be disabled to save memory.

Python Scripting

1.New functions for loading and saving a processed model file.
2.New functions for loading and saving a simulation state.
3.The mouse coordinates are visible in the footer. This is useful when placing submodels in the Editor using scripting.

Octave Scripting

1.Support for Octave 8.1.0/8.2.0/8.3.0

C-Code Generation

1.You can now make code templates that support not just one data type (real) but four (boolean, integer, real, string). A template has been added for the Arduino that supports this. Also 20-sim 4C 3.0 will support this for the Bachmann template. As a result, the generated C-code of your model is more efficient, both in performance and in resource usage.

Bug-fixes and Improvements

In addition to the above mentioned items, 20-sim 5.1 received more than 180 bug-fixes and minor improvements since 20-sim 5.0. See the 20-sim website for the full list of changes.