FMU Import

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FMU Import

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You can import an FMU directly in 20-sim for co-simulation within 20-sim itself. Presently 20-sim can only import FMI 2.0 co-simulation FMUs. Follow these steps to import an FMU in 20-sim:

1.Copy/move the FMU to the same folder as your model. This is not required but recommended to prevent embedding hardcoded paths in your model.
2.Using Windows Explorer, drag the FMU file on your 20-sim model (see the Figure below). Alternatively, you can use the menu option Insert, Submodel, FMI 2.0 Co-simulation Import to import an FMU.



This creates a new submodel with a blue icon that acts as an FMU wrapper. FMU inputs and outputs are translated into 20-sim submodel inputs and outputs. FMU parameters (scalar variables with causality “parameter”) are also available in 20-sim. This means that you can alter the default values of these FMU parameters in 20-sim. The altered FMU parameters are transferred to the FMU during the initialization mode phase of the FMU.