Symbolic Linear Systems

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Symbolic Linear Systems

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In the 20-sim Simulator, out of an existing (non-linear) model a symbolic linear-system can be derived by means of linearization. This means that the relevant model parameters are preserved in the Linear System.


The relation between the original model parameters and the linear system elements is always shown in the white square of Linear System editor, just below the system description. An example is shown in the first figure below:


As you can see, the some elements of the A, B, C and D matrix are related to the spring constant and masses of the original model.


A symbolic linear system can be edited by changing the original model parameters. Click the Edit Parameters button ParametersButton and a Parameters Editor pops-up. Change the desired parameters, close the Parameters Editor and the linear system will updated.

Updating Parameters

When the parameters have been changed in the Linear System Editor you can update the parameters in the Simulator by clicking the Update to Simulator button UpdateToSimulatorButton. Click the Update from Simulator button UpdateFromSimulatorButton to do it the other way.


You can export a symbolic Linear System to Matlab, with preservation of the parameter relations, by clicking the Matlab button or selecting Export to Matlab command from the File menu. This will generate an m-file that you can use in Matlab.