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Navigate Models

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Model Hierarchy

If you click the Model tab at the left of the Editor, the Model Browser shows complete model hierarchy: a tree like structure showing all the submodels that are used in the model.


The Model Browser at the left of the Editor shows the complete model hierarchy.

1.You can travel through the hierarchy, click any model in the tree and press ENTER to go down. Press Backspace to go up.
2.You can also select a submodel in the Graphical Editor and click Go Up GoUp or Go Down GoDown from the Model menu.
3.When a model is very large you may want to use the Go Back GoBack or Go Forward GoForward buttons from the Model menu to travel back and forth between branches in the hierarchy.

Where Am I?

In large model with many levels in the hierarchy, it may be difficults to quickly see where you are.

1.If you want to see in which submodel you are, click Go Up to jump one level higher in the hierarchy.

The submodel that was selected will now be displayed with orange thick orange outlines.



1.In the Editor fromr the View menu you can select Zoom to zoom in and out to see details or the overview of a model.
2.You can also use the Ctrl-key with the mouse wheel to zoom in and out.


1.Use the scroll bars to navigate from top to bottom or from the left to the right.


2.Use the Home, End, PgUp, and PgDown keys for scrolling large models easily.