How does the Unity Toolbox work?

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How does the Unity Toolbox work?

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The Unity Toolbox comes with a plug-in that has to be installed in Unity. The plug-in connects objects created in Unity with variables from a 20-sim model:

1.You can connect objects manually with 20-sim variables.
2.You can import a 20-sim 3D Scenery into Unity.

Coupling with 20-sim

When the Unity 3D Animation is completed and all objects have been connected with the proper variables from the 20-sim model, you can generate an .fmu (Functional Mockup Interface) file. You can drag and drop the .fmu file into the 20-sim model.


The .fmu file will connect the 20-sim variables with the Unity application. When you start the simulation, the Unity application will start up. The Unity application will show moves/changes during simulation. Set the 20-sim simulation to run in real-time to show the Unity application at the right speed.


If you want to use the model with Unity Application on another location, make sure that you copy both the 20-sim model (.emx file) and the Unity application (.fmu file).