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Run Properties

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The Run Properties Editor can be used to choose the integration method used for simulation. An integration method is the algorithm that calculates the model equations during each simulation and generates the output values for the simulation plots. The default integration method is the Backward Differentiation Formula (BDF).


The most important properties that you can set are:


1.Start: the starttime of the run.
2.Finish: the finishtime of the run
3.Integration Method: The integration method that is used.
4.Step Size: If you click the Set Properties button, you can set the (maximum) step size.
5.Accuracy: If you click the Set Properties button, you can set the absolute and relative error.



To open the Run Properties Editor, you have to:

1.From the Properties menu select the Run command.


The Run Properties Editor.

Initially, the fields in the Run Properties Editor contain default values if no experiment was loaded. Two or more tabs can be selected:

Simulator: This tab shows the general simulation settings.
Discrete Systems: This tab is only visible when discrete systems are part of your model. It contains the settings for the sample frequency.
Algebraic Relations Solver: This tab is only visible when your model contains algebraic loops that could not be solved during processing.
Integration Method: The last tab contains the specific settings for the selected integration method.

More / Less

Using the More button you can set advanced settings:

Event handling

Realtime Simulation

Realtime simulation is useful when you want a simulation to run as fast as the real time. E.g for 20-sim models that are used for training simulators or models which are coupled to external devices that run in real time.

Attempting Realtime Simulation: Section the On option, to run a simulation as fast as the real time or a multiple that you can set with the Speed Factor.
Maximum Allowed Lost Time: With variable step simulation, a large model may not always run fast enough to run real time during the whole simulation. You can set the number of ms delay that is allowed.