Moving Objects

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Moving Objects

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To move an object, you have select it.


Select an object in the 3D Animation Properties window.


The right side of the 3D Animation Properties window shows the attributes of a selected object (e.g. position, orientation, scaling etc.). You can change the position or orientation to move an object.


You can move an object directly by pushing the Manipulate button.


Manipulate an object directly.

A set of locks will be shown below the Manipulate button. You can use them to lock one or more directions and orientations. After this you must put the 3D Animation window on front (click on it with the mouse) and select one of the following keys:





right arrow

move right (positive x-direction)


left arrow

move left (negative x-direction)


up arrow

move up (positive z-direction)


down arrow

move down (negative z-direction)


Ctrl + up arrow

move forward (positive y-direction)


Ctrl + down arrow

move backward (negative y-direction)


Alt+ right arrow

yaw right (positive z-axis rotation)


Alt+ left arrow

yaw left (negative z-axis rotation)


Alt+ up arrow

roll forward (negative x-axis rotation)


Alt + down arrow

roll back (positive x-axis rotation)


Ctrl+ Alt + right arrow

pitch right (positive y-axis rotation)


Ctrl+ Alt + left arrow

pitch left (negative y-axis rotation)





Keys above + Shift

Smaller steps (more accurate)





Ctrl + A

Next Camera