Editing Domains

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Editing Domains

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You can edit existing domains or add new domains in the Domains, Quantities and Units Editor. In the Domains section you can add new domains or edit existing domains. Each domain has several edit fields:

Domain name: If you click on a selected domain in the tree, you can edit the name.
Description: Enter a description of the domain.
Quantities: You can enter quantities of these variables in the quantities section.
Mechanical Domain: Select this button if your domain is part of the mechanical domain.
Pseudo Domain: Select this button if your domain is a pseudo domain.
Color: Double-click the color box to change the color of a domain.

In some domains the integrated effort/flow variables and differentiated effort/flow variables are of a specific quantity. You can enter these quantities in the according edit fields. For some domains these values have no meaning and you can leave the edit fields blank.