Running the Unity Animation

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Running the Unity Animation

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When you have inserted the .fmu file with the Unity application into 20-sim, you can start a simulation and the Unity Animation will appear. Generally the simulation will be much to fast. You have to force the simulation to run in real-time, to see a good result.


1.In the 20-sim Editor, from the Model menu select Start Simulator.
2.In the 20-sim Simulator, from the Properties menu select Run.
3.In the Run Properties window click the More button.
4.Set the Attempting Realtime Simulation button to On and click OK.


Make sure the simulation is set to realtime.

5.In the 20-sim Simulator, from the Simulation menu select Run.

Now Unity application will open and the simulation will start.

6.Click Alt-Enter to change the Unity Animation from full screen to a window.