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Simulator Tab

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The Simulator tab is the first tab of the Run Properties Editor. This tab shows the general simulation settings:


The 20-sim Run Properties.


Timing (seconds):
Start: the start time of a simulation run (default: 0)
Finish: the finish time of a simulation run (default: 10)
Event delta: the accuracy for spotting state events. This option can only be selected if a model contains state events.
Integration Methods: 8 numerical integration methods are available, each with its own parameters. The parameters can be changed by clicking the Set Properties button or selecting the tab on top of the editor.

Backward Euler
Adams-Bashford 2
Runge Kutta 2
Runge-Kutta 4
Runge Kutta Dormand Prince 8
Vode Adams
Backward Differentiation Formula (BDF)
Modified Backward Differentiation Formula (MBDF)
Output After Each: This is the plot interval. Use this option to generate output only after each equidistant time interval has passed. For each interval, the exact simulation point is used (if available) or the nearest point is used (if not available, for example when using variable step algorithms).
Related Options
BreakPoints: Click this button to open the Breakpoints Editor.
General Properties: Click this button to open the General Properties Editor.
More: Click this button to set advanced options:
Endless: Select this option if you do not want the simulation to stop.
Attempting Real-Time simulation: Select this option if you want the simulation to run as fast as the real time. You can choose the option Catch up with lost time and set the Maximum allowed lost time.


Use Attempting Real-Time simulation when you have keyboard input or joystick input in your model.