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Time Domain Toolbox

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The Time Domain Toolbox contains powerful tools to inspect the behaviour of your model using time domain simulation.

Parameter sweep: Perform a number of simulation runs, while changing model parameters.
Optimization: Optimize a given result by changing parameters.
Curve Fitting: Fit your model to a given result by changing parameters.
Tolerance Analysis
Sensitivity: Change parameters by a given percentage and monitor results.
Monte Carlo: Change parameters statistically and monitor results.
Variation Analysis: Find the statistical range of parameters to yield a given result.
External DLL: Let the multiple run be controlled by a user-defined function in a DLL.


1.From the Toolbox menu select the Time Domain Toolbox and then the tool that you want to use.
2.This will open the Multiple Run Wizard. Follow the instructions and after all settings have been entered, close the wizard.
3.Select the Multiple Run command from the Simulation menu to perform the specified analysis.
4.After simulation is completed a special window will open to showing the results. If it is not available, you can always open this window, by selecting the Multiple Run Results command of the View Menu.

Multiple Run Wizard

All tools of the Time Domain Toolbox are started use the Multiple Run Wizard. You can open this Wizard directly by selecting the Multiple Run command from the Properties menu.