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Icon Editor

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The Icon Editor is a vector oriented drawing editor that can be used to create custom made icons for any 20-sim model. You can also use the Icon Editor to change the appearance of existing models.


The 20-sim Icon Editor can be used to create custom made model icons.


1.In the Editor select the model that you want to give a new appearance.
2.From the Tools menu select Icon Editor,
3.or from the right mouse menu select Edit Icon,
4.or at the bottom left of the Editor click the Icon tab and in the Icon tab double click.


1.Use the taskbar buttons or the menu commands to insert objects and edit these objects.
2.If you are satisfied with the icon, insert the terminals.
3.From the Icon Editor menu, select File and Update.
4.Close the Icon Editor.


When you move objects, a grid is applied. A finer grid is obtained when you zoom in using the mouse wheel

Tips and Tricks

Scroll up and down using you Mouse Wheel.
You can zoom in (F4) and out  (F6) by pressing the Crtl-Key and using your Mouse Wheel.
Use a finer grid by zooming in.
Select multiple objects by keeping the Crtl-Key pressed.