Editing Quantities

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Editing Quantities

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You can edit existing quantities or add new quantities in the Domains, Quantities and Units Editor. In the Quantities section you can add new quantities or edit existing quantities. Each quantity has several edit fields:

Quantity name: If you click on a selected quantity in the tree, you can edit the name.
Description: Enter a description of the quantity.
Variable name: This name is used for display purposes. For example if one of the variables of a port p has the quantity length it will be denoted as p.x.
SI Symbol: Enter the official SI-symbol here. Enter combinations as nominator/denominator (e.g. Electric Resistance: kg.m2/A2.s3)
Units: Every quantity can be expressed in several unique units (i.e. a unit can be assigned to one quantity only). You can enter new units here or edit existing units that belong to the selected quantity.
Unit Symbol: For display purposes every unit has a specific symbol. It is shown here in a read-only field.

A quantity can have an alias name. Enter this alias as a subentry of the main quantity. This alias name refers to the main quantity and therefore to the same associated units.