Creating your own data files

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Creating your own data files

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The motor parameters are visible in the Grid tab. These parameters are stored in a coma separated data file (extension .csv) or in an encrypted coma separated data file (extension .cse).


By default, the file ServoMotor.csv is shown. Using the File menu you can store and open csv files. The csv files can be edited with the Servo Motor Editor or an external spreadsheet program like OpenOffice. In OpenOffice Calc the file looks like:



The top 5 rows contain the description of the motor parameters and the corresponding units. The first and second row are used for rotation motors and the third and fourth row are used for linear (translation) motors. The fifth row contains the parameter names.


The other rows contain the motor parameters. The meaning of these parameters is described in the previous sections. Please use the following guidelines when editing data files:

1.Never change the first five lines
2.Do no use duplicate names in the first column (keyname)
3.Do use commas
4.Do no use strange formatting (in Excel use the General format)
5.Do no enter extra columns
6.Do net enter other information in additional rows or columns. The Servo Motor Editor will try to read all cells and halt if the content is not according the specifications.
7.Do no add comment.
8.The last column entry (20-sim) should contain one white space character.
9.Store as comma separated file.