Motion Profile Wizard (Old Style)

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Motion Profile Wizard (Old Style)

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If you select the model MotionProfile.emx and click Go Down, the old style Motion Profile Wizard will open. This wizard is kept in 20-sim to allow you to run old models. The wizard has been replaced by a new wizard which is far more powerful.


The 20-sim Motion Profile Wizard helps you to define motion profiles. To generate such a profile, follow the next steps.

1.Open the 20-sim model library an go to the section Signal\Sources.
2.Drag and drop the model MotionProfile.emx to the editor.
3.Select the model and click Go Down. Now the wizard will be opened.
4.Select the type of motion.
5.Choose the desired profile and output signals.
6.Enter the profile parameters.
7.Close the wizard.

During simulation the parameter values are used that you have selected in the wizard. These parameters are available in the Parameters Editor where you can change them as you would do with any other model. If you have changed the settings of this wizard, you have to process the model first (from the Model menu, choose Check Complete Model) before the changes become effective.