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Save Models

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Models in 20-sim are stored with the extension .emx. You can save an existing model in several ways.

1.From the File menu, select Save: This will save the complete model. If no filename is known a Save dialog is opened.
2.From the File menu, select Save As: This is essentially the same as the Save command but now the Save dialog is opened even if a filename is known.
3.From the File menu, select Save a copy As : This is similar to Save As but now a copy of the file is saved instead. This allows the user to keep on working on the model while saving intermediate experiments.
4.From the File menu, select Save Submodel: This will save the submodel that is selected in your Graphical Editor.
5.From the File menu, select Save Encrypted: This will allow you to store a model using encryption. If a submodel was selected, a menu is opened asking you to store the submodel or the complete model.

Warning: Once a model is encrypted, you can not decrypt it anymore! So keep cautious that you always store a non-encrypted original.

Encrypted models are useful if you want others to use your 20-sim model, without seeing the underlying equations. If an encrypted model is loaded in 20-sim, the Go Down command does not work on that model.