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In 20-sim, creating models only takes you just a few mouse clicks. By dragging an element from the library and dropping it in the graphical editor, your model is actually built the same way as you would draw an engineering scheme. 20-sim supports various model representations, such as block diagrams and iconic diagrams. These representations may be combined in one model.



You can find the library at the left of the Editor.

The library contains a various sections:

Bond Graph: bond graph elements
Iconic Diagrams: Physical components
Signal: Block diagram elements
Examples: Example models that show you how you can use models for various physical domains and applications.
Tutorial: Example models that show you how to perform various tasks in 20-sim
Getting Started: al the models that you need in the lessons of the Getting Started manual.

Custom libraries

You can create your own model libraries in 20-sim:

1. From the Tools menu click Options - Folders - Library Folders.
2.Add your folder.
3.Give it a useful name by clicking Edit Label.
4.Click OK to close the dialog.

Then you can add your own library models to the library:

1.Select the submodel that you want to store in your library.
2.From the File menu select Save Submodel.
3.Store the submodel in your library folder.

The next time you start up 20-sim, the library will show the new submodel.