Arrange Plots and Curves

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Arrange Plots and Curves

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A Plot Window can contain multiple plots with multiple curves. It can also contain a mix of curve plots and 3D animation plots.


Change the plot window layout


By default, 20-sim will auto-arrange plots row-wise, then column-wise. It is possible to change the tile options to:

Tile Horizontal
Tile Vertical
Strip Chart

Strip Chart is a special version of Tile Vertical with a common X-axis for all plots.

To change the tile options, right-click on the plot window in the Plot Windows tree and select the menu Tile Plots.


Change the plot tile options

Reorder plots and curves

To change the order of plots within a plot window, you can drag-drop plots in the tree. It is also possible to move a plot from one plot window to another in this way.

Moving curves within plots and between plots is also possible via drag-drop.