Training Simulators

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Training Simulators

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Training simulators are simulation models that run real-time and can be used to train people. 20-sim has some features that allow you to turn 20-sim into a training simulator. The example model KnuckleBoomCraneKeyboard will show you how it works:


1.Go to the Examples Library and look into the 3D Mechanics folder or in the search bar enter KnuckleBoomCraneKeyboard. The Find tab will show the results. Click on the link to jump to the model.
2.Drag and drop the model to the editor. The keyboard inputs are shown in the model.
3.Run a simulation and use the keyboard inputs to move the crane.

Developing your own training simulator is not difficult. All you have to do is:

1.Develop a model, that will mimic your training system.
2.Allow manual inputs, by keyboard or joystick. The library of 20-sim contains special blocks for keyboard input or joystick input which you can use.
3.Run the simulation in real-time.
4.Use 3D animations to show views of your system.
5.Run the 3D-Animations in full screen.


Use transparency to show or hide parts of your 3D animation.