Privacy Statement

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Privacy Statement

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Controllab Products B.V. takes your privacy seriously. This privacy statement explains what personal data 20-sim collects from you and how we use it.


How do we collect data from you?

Controllab Products B.V. processes your personal data when you activate/deactivate 20-sim using a license key. Controllab Products B.V. uploads your 20-sim license to an on-line activation server ( This activation server stores information about the number of license activations and on which computers 20-sim is activated.


What type of information is collected from you?

20-sim collects the following details from your computer to check / activate and deactivate your 20-sim license:


Computer details

Host Name
Unique computer finger print calculated from serial numbers of several computer hardware components
20-sim Version Number
Date & time of the activation/deactivation


Controllab Products B.V. uploads your 20-sim license to an on-line activation server. Your 20-sim license embeds the following personal data:


Company / Personal details

Company Name (or First Name and Last Name for personal licenses)
Department Name
License Key


How is your information used?

The activation data is used to activate your 20-sim license key and to lock it to your computer. This data is processed in an automatic process running on our activation server to check and activate your 20-sim license. Controllab Products does not use your data for other purposes than license activation.


Controllab Products B.V. employees can access this data to provide support for license activation issues and transferring your license to a different computer.


Can this information be removed?

On your request (please contact us by e-mail or phone) we can remove all of your personal data from our servers. Note that without this data, there is no license key backup on our activation server anymore. This means that on-line activation is not possible anymore.



If you have questions concerning this privacy statement, contact Controllab Products B.V.