Exporting Simulations

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Exporting Simulations

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There are several methods to export simulation results:

1.Export Plot to Clipboard or File.
2.Export Experiment To Clipboard.
3.Export Data to File.

Export to Clipboard or File

From the File menu, you can choose Export Plot to MetaFile or Export Plot to Clipboard to export a drawing of the simulation plot.

Export High Resolution Plot to Clipboard or File

Simulation plots can be very dense. To limit the file size, by default not all details are exported to clipboard or to file. If you need a detailed plot, from the File menu, you can choose Export High Resolution Plot to Clipboard or Bitmap. Another option is to use the right mouse menu, when the mouse on top of a plot and select High Resolution Export.

Export Experiment To Clipboard.

From the File menu, you can choose Export Experiment to Clipboard to export all plot settings. A dialog will be opened asking you to specify the settings that should be copied. You can select:

Initial Values
Plot Specifications
Run Specifications
Multiple Run Specifications
Export Data Specifications

Export Data to File

From the File menu, you can choose Save Data To File to export the plotted values to a data file. A file dialog window will pop up asking you to enter a filename. You can choose from the following file formats:

Comma Separated File (*.csv): This is the default format and can be used for exporting data to spreadheet programs such as Microsoft Excel or Open Office Calc.
20-sim data file (*.n): This is the standard 20-sim format.
Data Files (*.dat): The standard ANSI format for data files.


You can use the Export Data To File command to store simulation results of time consuming simulations. For later use you can use the Import From Data File command to read the result from file.