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Unity Toolbox

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Unity is a game engine developed by Unity Technologies that allows you to create high visual fidelity, 3D real-time interactive user experiences. The Unity Toolbox allows you to couple animations created in Unity with a 20-sim simulation model. When you run the 20-sim simulation, the Unity application is shown and moves/changes with the simulation.


The Unity Toolbox will allow you to couple variables from a 20-sim model to objects in Unity. You can for example couple the position of an object with the simulated position. Every time you start a 20-sim simulation, a Unity window will be shown and changes/moves while the 20-sim simulation advances.


The Unity Toolbox does exactly the same as the 20-sim 3D Animation, but is far more advanced. In Unity far more objects are available, the quality of rendering (shadow, light , etc.) is far better and there are more display options (single screen, multiple screen, VR/AR headsets etc.).


The Unity Toolbox does not come standard with 20-sim. It has to be purchased separately. If you have purchased the Unity Toolbox you will receive a license key that will enable the toolbox in 20-sim.

Supported Unity Versions

The Unity Toolbox is verified to work with Unity 2018.4 and 2019.2. It is possible that it will work in newer versions or older versions of Unity, but these are not officially supported.


To see a Unity Animation in action (if you have a valid license) open the example model Examples\2D Mechanics\ScaraRobot_UnityAnimation.emx.

Getting Started

To get started and learn to work with the Unity Toolbox, follow these steps:

1.Install the Unity Toolbox
2.Read the next sections of this help file.

License Required

The Unity Toolbox is not part of the set of standard toolboxes of 20-sim. It has to be purchased separately. When you have purchased the Unity Toolbox, you will receive a license code for 20-sim that will enable the plug-in to establish a run-time communication between 20-sim and Unity.