Building Hydraulic Models

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Building Hydraulic Models

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Example Models

The quickest way to learn how to create hydraulic circuit models is to open some models from the Examples library.

Model Creation

To create hydraulic circuit models you have to:


1.Drag and drop components from the Hydraulics library to the Editor.
2.Connect the components.
3.Add the Fluid Properties component.


If the model is properly constructed you can start a simulation. Hydraulic circuits can be simulated with all the available integration methods. In practice the default integration method (BDF) will give the most accurate and quickest response. Take care with hydraulic circuits that will give high pressure peaks and small flow rates. These circuits are sometimes hard to simulate. In practice high pressure peaks should be reduced with pressure relief valves to avoid damage. Fortunately adding pressure relief valves will in most cases improve the simulation response.

Common Errors

Simulation will not Run

The most common error with hydraulics models is to forget to insert the Fluid Properties component. Without this component, the fluid properties are zero and the simulation will not run.



Bulk modulus and other fluid properties are zero and the simulation will not run. Solution: insert the Fluid Properties component.