Global Relations Editor

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Global Relations Editor

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The Global Relations Editor is used to restrict the scope of global parameters and variables. You can find the Global Relations Editor at the lower left of the Editor by selecting the Globals tab.

1.In the Editor, go to the Model Hierarchy at the left and select the submodel, you want to add global parameters or variables for.
2.Select the Globals tab at the lower left of the Editor.


Select the Globals tab, put your mouse pointer on top and click Edit Global Relations.

3.Put your mouse pointer in the middle of the tab. From the right mouse menu select Edit Global Relations.

This will open the Global Relations Editor. You can use this editor to enter parameters, variables and equations.


Use the Global Relations Editor to enter parameters, variables and equations.

You can enter parameters, variables and equations here just like in the Equations Editor.

4.Do not add the keyword global!

In the Global Relations Editor, you should not add the keyword global. If you do, the scope is not limited anymore.


If you have made errors in the Global Relations Editor:

1.Click Check Complete Model. Any error will be then be displayed in the Process tab.
2.Click on the error in the Process tab and you will see it highlighted in the Global Relations Editor.