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Domains: Continuous. Size: 1-D. Kind: Block Diagrams.


This is a masked model which opens the Data Input Wizard when edited. You can use this wizard to open a data file.



Filename: Enter the filename of the datafile or use the Browse button.
Name in 20-sim: The 20-sim name that corresponds with the column data. You can enter any desired name.
Variable / Output: The data may be a variable (useful for plotting in the simulator) or an output of the model (use as an input for other models).
More / Less: If you open the options below with the More button.
Time: The column that stores the time data and the units in which the time data is stored (seconds, milliseconds,...)
Offset First Data Point: If the file data is a recording that starts at for example 11.1 s, the simulation will not show any output until the time has passed 11.1 s. You can force the simulation to start at 0 s by selecting the Offset First Data Point option.





user defined outputs

File format

20-sim supports data files in Comma Separated Values format (.csv). The first line is used as a header describing the column name. Without a proper header line, you have to define the 20-sim variable names for each column yourself. The first column should always contain the time values. The other columns should contain the corresponding data values (see also data).


Example CSV file format with header:



0.0, 1, 2

0.1, 5, 10

0.2, 6, 11


This model has been extended in 20-sim 4.8 and is not backward compatible with previous versions of 20-sim! It means that once you have opened the Data Input Wizard the model can only be run in 20-sim 4.8 or higher.