20-sim Inspector Properties

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20-sim Inspector Properties

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If the 20-sim Unity Toolbox is installed, any GameObject can be connected to the variables coming from a 20-sim simulation. The following object properties can specified.

Input / Output

In most cases the variables that are calculated in 20-sim and epxorted to Unity. You can keep the Input/Output button to its default setting: Input.
In some cases, however, a variable coming from Unity and exported to 20-sim. Then you have to set the Input/Output button to Output.

20-sim Coordinates / Unity Coordinates

When you add the 20-sim Toolbox to a GameObject, you can use 20-sim coordinates or Unity Coordinates:

20-sim uses a right-handed coordinate system for the position and rotation of objects.
Unity uses a left-handed coordinate system frame.

Position / Rotation / Scale

You can couple 20-sim variables with the position, orientation and scale of objects, which works just like the position, orientation and scale of a 20-sim 3D Animation.


In Unity you can create script in C# to tailor make GameObjects. If you choose the Scripting option in the 20-sim Variable section, you can connect 20-sim variables with the public member variables of your C# script.