Importing 3D Scenery

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Importing 3D Scenery

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3D animations created in 20-sim can be exported to Unity. You first have to create a 20-sim model, simulate it and create a 3D Animation. From the 3D Animation, you can create a scenery file that can be imported in Unity:


1.In 20-sim go to the Simulator and put you mouse pointer on top of the 3D animation.
2.From the right mouse menu, select Plot Properties.
3.In the Plot Properties window, select File - Save Scene.

Now you can open a Unity 3D project and install the 20-sim Unity Toolbox plug-in. When this is done properly, the Inspector at the left will show a 20-sim Unity Toolbox.





You can now import the 20-sim 3D animation into your Unity project:

4.In the Inspector at the right go to the 20-sim Unity Toolbox and Import 20-sim Scenery File.
8.Click the Browse button to find the scenery file ScaraRobot.scn.
9.Click the Import 20-sim Scenery button to import the scenery file.