Editor.Arrange and Group

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Editor.Arrange and Group

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When you view or enter a graphical model in 20-sim it is shown in the Graphical Editor. From the Drawing menu of in the Taskbar, you can select to Arrange and Group  drawing objects.


Align Bottom: Align objects to the bottom.
Align Horizontal: Align objects horizontally with respect to the first object selected.
Align Left: Align objects to the left with respect to the first object selected.
Align Top: Align objects to the top.
Align vertical: Align objects vertically with respect to the first object selected.
Center to Grid: Align the center of an object to the grid.
Group: Group multiple objects to act as one object.
Send to Back: Show an object at the back of all other objects.
Send to Front: Show an object on top of all other objects.
Topleft to Grid: Align the top left of an object tot the grid.
Ungroup: Ungroup multiple objects.


Note: You can select multiple objects, by:

Keeping the Shift-key pressed, while selecting objects.
Keeping the Ctrl-key pressed, while selecting objects.
Drawing a rectangle with your left mouse button over multiple objects.