Parameters and Initial Values

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Parameters and Initial Values

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The Parameters/Initial Values Editor is used to edit the constants, parameters and initial values of a model. Parameters and initial values can be changed during simulation, constants cannot be changed. To open the Parameters/Initial Values Editor, you have to:

1.From the Properties menu select the Parameters command.


The Parameters/Initial Values Editor.

The parameter items (Name, Value, Quantity, Unit, Description, Kind, Arithmetic Type, Value) of the parameters and initial values are listed in right part of the window. The list of parameters and initial values that is displayed depends on the selected submodel in the left part of this window.


Model Hierarchy: The left part displays the complete model hierarchy. At each level of the hierarchy, submodels can be selected. The right part of the window then shows the parameters and initial values of that submodel. To see all parameters and initial values, select the top level of the hierarchy, i.e. the main model listed on top.
Parameters and Initial Values: The order of the parameters or initial values in the list depends on the order in which the submodels were originally entered in the Editor. Click on the name box to make the order to alphabetical. Drag the name box to change the width of the parameters list.
Value: You can change the default value of a parameter or initial value in the value list. Select the parameter or initial value (mouse) and enter the desired value. Use the Enter key to quickly run through a list of parameters.
Unit: If available, select the desired Unit from the drop down list.
From Matlab / To Matlab: Use the buttons to import or exports parameter values from or to Matlab.
Import: Use this button to import the parameter values from another model.


All equations in 20-sim are calculated using standard SI-units. You can however enter parameters, using whatever Unit you like. In the Parameters/Initial Values Editor, you can change the unit using the little drop down list next to the Value box.
The description of a parameter can be specified in the parameters part of the equation description of a model.
To see a global parameter, select the top level of the hierarchy, i.e. the main model listed on top.
Hidden parameters are not visible in the Variables Chooser.