High Tech Systems

In the high tech systems industry, multiple engineering domains have to be coupled to come up with novel and competitive products.

  • Novel sensors and actuators.
  • Adaptive control systems.
  • Automated testing and deployment.

Modeling and simulation for high tech systems

20-sim is an excellent tool for the design and testing of components in the high tech industry. Typical applications are:

Example: UHPLC Pump

A world-class provider of innovative sample introduction, extraction and separation technology for analytical systems contacted Controllab. Their systems are used in laboratories all over the world. A key component of this company is their ultra high performance liquid chromatography (UHPLC) pump. This is a machine that can pump substances with a very accurate flow rate over a very large pressure range. For their new range of UHPLC pumps, the company wanted to achieve a level of performance, that would blow away the competition. This could only be met by a redesign of the existing pump.

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