Collaborative Design

The book, Collaborative Design for Embedded Systems, presents a novel approach for the co-design and co-simulation of embedded and cyber-physical systems. The book is a result of the EU-funded FP 7 project Destecs, in which Controllab has participated. The book presents a framework that allows the very different kinds of design models – discrete-event (DE) models of software and continuous time (CT) 20-sim models of the physical environment – to be analyzed and simulated jointly, based on common scenarios. The individual chapters provide introductions to both sides of this co-simulation technology, and give a step-by-step guide to the methodology for designing and analyzing co-models.
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You can download the software that is used in the book by clicking here.

Dynamical Systems

Dynamical Systems for Creative Technology has been developed for a course at the University of Twente with the same name. It gives an introduction to dynamical systems in general with special attention for mechanical and electrical systems. The behavior of such systems is demonstrated and analysed with the aid of simulations with 20-sim. Therefore, the book is also a good basis for 20-sim users, interested in the underlying principles of these simulations.

The book and 20-sim models can be downloaded from:

Grundprinzipien der Mechatronik

The book, Grundpinzipien der Mechatronic (German), describes the use of bond graph modeling for mechatronic systems. The book is loaded with 20-sim models showing the used of bond graphs for active damping, DC-motors, stick-slip and much more.
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Modelling and Simulation

The book “Modeling and Simulation in Thermal and Chemical Engineering” gives an in depth description of the use of bond graph modeling for chemical thermodynamical proceses.
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Bond Graph Methodology

This book covers model development, analysis of models, numerical computation of models and modern software that can be used for a bond graph approach.
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An introduction into modeling theory and simulation techniques with a special interest in simulation software.
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