Software Features

20-sim comes with built-in features that help you to design and analyze models.

“20-sim is a modeling and simulation program for mechatronic systems. With 20-sim you can enter models graphically, similar to drawing an engineering scheme. With these models you can simulate and analyse the behaviour of multi-domain dynamic systems and create control systems. You can even generate C-code and run this code on hardware for rapid prototyping and HIL-simulation.”

Christian Kleijn

Managing Director, Controllab Products B.V.

3D Animation

Simulation results in 20-sim can be shown as a 3D video. Any variable of a 20-sim model can be connected to 3D objects to show animated output.

3D Mechanics

3D Mechanics help you to build 3D mechanical systems quickly in 20-sim. You can create multi-body systems by dragging bodies in a 3D workspace.

Code Generation

Code Generation allows you to generate c-code out of any 20-sim model. The built-in templates generate C-code for various targets.

Controller Design

Controller Design allows you to design feedback systems in 20-sim with a linear plant, controller and pre-filter.

Dynamic Error Budgetting 

The performance of precision machines is mostly limited by the disturbances that are injected in these machines.


Models are created in the Editor. By drag and drop from the libraries you can quickly build your models.

Frequency Domain

With Frequency Domain you can linearize models to state space, build your own linear systems and show the frequency behaviour with bode plots and FFT’s.


Mechatronics help you to model mechatronics systems. This feature includes the Motion Profile Wizard, the CAM Wizard and the Servo Motor.

Model Libraries

20-sim comes with a large collection of components which are stored in libraries and are standard available in every version of 20-sim.

Block Diagrams

Block diagrams allow you to graphically represent the mathematical relationships between signals in a system. In 20-sim a large library of block diagram elements is available.

Bond Graphs

Bond graphs are a network-like description of physical systems in terms of ideal physical processes. 20-sim was the first commercially released software package to support bond graph modeling. 

Iconic Diagrams

Iconic diagrams or components are the building blocks of physical systems. They allow you to enter models of physical systems graphically, similar to drawing an engineering scheme.


Scripting allows you to run tasks in 20-sim automatically using specialized scripting functions. Open models, run simulations, change parameters, process the results, etc.


After entering a model in the Editor, you can run simulations and inspect the results in the Simulator.

Time Domain

Time Domain allows you to use Parameter sweeps, Optimization, Curve Fitting and more to to investigate and improve systems.