Models are entered and compiled in the 20-sim editor. The editor is a versatile tool that helps you to enter models supporting a wide variety of systems including linear, non-linear, discrete-time, continuous-time and hybrid systems, without restricting the user to a certain model representation. After entering and debugging, the model can be checked and compiled. This is performed automatically in the background, when opening the simulator.

Model Representations

Systems can be modeled in 20-sim, using equations, state space descriptions, bond graphs block diagrams, and components or iconic diagrams. These descriptions can be fully coupled to create mixed models.

Open Source

20-sim models are stored in files. The Windows Explorer is used for library management. All 20-sim models are open! You can drag and drop them from the Windows Explorer to the 20-sim editor and change them. You are allowed to store the original and changed models in separate folders to create your own library of models.