Consulting Services

Modelling and simulation is not an easy job and we see many of our customers struggling. Our consultants will help you quickly get up to speed. We will teach you how to use 20-sim, help you construct your models, and show you how to speed up both your simulations and your analysis. Get in contact with us and we’ll gladly provide you with more information on our consulting services.

Modelling Experts

Controllab‘s engineers have worked for over 25 years on the development of 20-sim. They’ll help you to discover the software, teach you how to get the maximum out of the 20-sim package, and speed up your engineering projects.

Proven Results

We have a deep knowledge of modelling, simulation, 3D dynamics, real-time simulation, control engineering, and more. This expertise helps us ensure we get the maximum out of our 20-sim models and their simulations.

Return on Investment

Our team will accelerate your projects by increasing the quality of your simulation models; you’ll spend less time modelling and simulating—and get better output too.


Active Vibration Isolation

The engineers at Mecal used 20-sim to develop a model for a machine support frame with active vibration isolation. We helped them use this model to generate C-code and to deploy that code onto the controller hardware.

Swing Bridge

The engineering consultancy KGAL were responsible for developing the hydraulic drives on the Media City Bridge in Manchester, England. Before any of this could be implemented, a feasibility study needed to be carried out. We helped KGAL with the development of a simulation model of the hydraulic drives and bridge mechanics; this model was used to carry out the feasibility study and helped them secure the contract.

Iconic Diagrams

Siemens has used 20-sim to run simulations of container cranes. Controllab has assisted them with our knowledge of 3D mechanical systems and electric drives; leading to the development of a 20-sim model of the system. This model was used to test out various strategies for controlling the swing of shipping containers during their automatic loading operations.