What is new in 20-sim 5.0?

20-sim 5.0 is the latest version and has some important new features. You can download 20-sim 5.0 here

  • Support for submodel encryption/decryption with a password.
  • Support for expressions as default values of parameters.
  • Support for variable inspection in the Equation Editor.
  • New Scripting menu with access to Python and Matlab/Octave scripts.
  • New simulation kernel that support modern CPUs.
  • Support for loading and storing processed models (.emp files).
  • Support for design parameters.
  • Support for expressions with design parameters as values.
  • Support for different fluid properties in the Hydraulic library.
  • Support for boolean implementations in the Logical library.

To see the full list of features and fixes, click here

Scenario Manager

Automate your 20-sim models using the Scenario Manager. The Scenario Manager allows you to quickly and visually create scripts without writing a single line of code. When you need to create a set of automated tests for your system or simply need to get your model in the proper starting state, the scenario manager will be your tool. Integrate the Scenario Manager in your company workflow and make it part of your own automated testing routine!