Marine and Offshore

In the marine and offshore industry, modeling and simulation is becoming a standard practice for the design of complex drive systems and machines. Typical systems that are analysed using 20-sim are:

  • Propulsion systems
  • Cranes
  • Gangways
  • Motion compensation
  • Pipe lay
  • Drilling

Modeling and simulation of offshore and marine systems

20-sim is an excellent tool for the design and testing offshore and marine systems. Typical applications are:

Example: Propulsion System

Kwant Controls is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of state of the art high end nautical controls and systems. To assess the benefits of Model Based Design, two versions of a propulsion control system were designed in parallel. One using the traditional tools of Kwant and one using the 20sim model based design software and the HIL simulation.

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Example: Hydraulic Gearbox

Royal Boskalis Westminster N.V. is an international service company active in the area of maritime infrastructure in fifty different countries on five continents. Besides carrying out individual projects, Boskalis has ten home markets and permanent local branches in various countries.

On the dredger “Waterway” a hydraulic controllable gearbox is used to drive the dredge pump. A 20-sim model of the pump was made to investigate the induced torsional vibrations from the main engine and the dredge pump and asses the performance of the drive system.

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Example: Hardware-in-the-loop testing

The manufacturers in the offshore drilling industry are faced with an increased level of automation and shorter deadlines for project completion. The majority of the equipment is special purpose machines made in small quantities. This results in limited time for testing before the equipment is handed over to the customer. In addition, there are high financial risks associated with these complex machines. The harsh environment the equipment has to be operational in makes it important to have durable and well tested systems.

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