Science and Education

In science and education, 20-sim is being used for education and research in:

  • Physics
  • Control engineering
  • Mechatronic design
  • Electrical drives
  • Hydraulics

Modeling and simulation for science and education

20-sim is an excellent tool for teaching and doing research that involves modeling and simulation:

Special Offers

For universities and schools, we provide price-reduced versions of 20-sim:

  • Student License: This license is only available for student education.
  • Academic License: This license is intended for teaching and scientific research at universities and schools.
  • Classroom Kit: The kits allows a universities and schools to make 200 copies of the software for educational purposes. Copies may be used by students and teachers on location and at home.

Please contact us for prices and options. 

Example: Robot Walking

At the Control Engineering group of the University of Twente a lot of research is spent on various types of robots. This paper describes the work on the design and construction of Dribbel, a passive dynamic walking robot. Dribbel is a ‘2D-biped’: he can not fall sideways because four legs in a row are used (comparable to a person walking on crutches). This construction is chosen to focus on the forward motion, without having to solve the complex 3D stabilization.

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