Civil Engineering

In civil engineering model based design has predominantly focused on structural design. With the increasing demands on moving parts, the study into dynamics is getting more and more attention. Typical systems that are now analysed using 20-sim are:

  • Bridges
  • Floodgates
  • Hydro-electric dams
  • Water treatment

Modeling and simulation for civil engineering

20-sim is an excellent tool for the design and testing of dynamic systems for civil engineering:

Example: Swing Bridge

KGAL (Kenneth Grubb Associates Limited) was formed by Ken Grubb in 1991 and today, as KGAL Consulting Engineers Ltd., offers a complete structural, mechanical, hydraulic and electrical engineering service in the field of hydro-mechanical equipment, through all stages of a project from conceptual design development to final commissioning on site. For the Media City Swing bridge, a feasibility study was carried out using modeling and simulation.

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