20-sim 4.8.0 is released!

20-sim 4.8.0 has been released. This build is a feature release with the following fixes:


  • All the Python scripts are now available from a scripting menu.
  • Change the position of ports and connections in the Editor with the new Show Terminals mode.
  • Use parameter ranges and min/max values of paramters.
  • Show simulation results in VR with the Unity toolbox.

To see the full list of features and fixes, click here

Unity Toolbox

Unity is the worlds leading game engine which can be used to create real-time 3D graphics for the display on screens and virtual-reality headsets. The Unity Toolbox allows you to couple variables in your 20-sim model to objects in Unity. When you run your model in the 20-sim simulator, a display will show up, with the Unity animation. As a convenience, you can also convert all your old 20-sim 3D animation scenes to Unity with a single press of a button.