20-sim 5.1

We will start 2024 with a new update of the 20-sim software. 20 sim 5.1 has been released. Customers with a valid maintenance contract will receive the update in the coming week. This version has many improvements that will help you edit models more easily.


  • Easier navigating through large models.
  • loading and processing large models is faster.
  • You can now store models as a processed model file. This means you don’t have to process/ compile these files before starting the simulator.


  • Plots can be disabled to save memory.
  • You choose a speed factor for real-time simulation.

Python Scripting

  • Many new functions for the automatic building of models.

20-sim License Changes

In October we already informed you about the license changes for 2024. We are transitioning to an annual licensing model and will be streamlining our product and toolbox offerings. The pricing structure for 20-sim is now updated and you can find the new price list on the website. Customers with an active maintenance contract can continue using 20-sim and 20-sim 4C under te same terms and conditions as in 2023. The shift will only apply to new 20-sim users.