20-sim 4.7.2 is released!

20-sim 4.7.2 has been released. This build is a maintenance release with the following fixes:


  • Fixed: Joystick DLL crash when writing force feedback values to a joystick without force feedback interface

Linear Systems Editor

  • Fixed: Linear system editor with Numerical Values dialog open results in a non-responsive 20-sim session
  • Fixed: File export did not save the file


  • Improved: Creating a signal from an existing splitter with color now copies the splitter color.
  • Fixed: Printing of encrypted models should not be possible.
  • Fixed: Splitter delete from right mouse menu crashes 20-sim.
  • Changed: Export to Matlab/Simulink is not allowed in the 20-sim Viewer.
  • Fixed: 20-sim crash during submodel copy-paste when the new submodel has more ports than the existing submodel.
  • Fixed: Dissolve of a submodel with input edge = output edge results in an unhandled exception.

Model Processing

  • Fixed: Strange generation of discrete indices for particular models.

FMI support

  • Fixed: FMI Import: Fix type conversion warnings in FMI 2.0 master import for non-real data types
  • Fixed: FMI Import: 20-sim should set the initial inputs before fmi2ExitInitializationMode()
  • Fixed: Export of an model with an FMU to Matlab/Simulink gives an unhandled exception


  • New: Add Octave 4.4.1 x86/x64 support
  • Improved: Code generation from scripting should not start compilation as parallel task. Instead the script call should block until compilation is finished.
  • Fixed: Python version is overwritten when an older 20-sim version is installed.
  • Fixed: Several fixes for scripting functions in case of equation models (no graphical model)

MotionProfile Wizard

  • Fixed: Unitialized use of reference variable with a certain combination of settings

3D Mechanics Editor

  • Fixed: a valid floating license says demo version in 3D Mechanics