Training Courses


Controllab provides several courses to get you started with 20-sim and bring your knowledge on the package to an expert level.

  • Introduction 20-sim: one day training course showing the basic capabilities of the 20-sim software. 
  • Modeling and simulation with 20-sim: three day training course will showing al the capabilities of the 20-sim software.
  • Real Time Toolbox and code Generation with 20-sim: one day training course on the use of 20-sim in real-time and embedded systems (expert level).
  • PID Controllers: one to three day training course on control systems design in 20-sim (expert level).

Training can be given at our office and on-site. For more Information please contact Controllab.

Mechatronics Academy / High Tech Institute

Mechatronics Academy provides several course where 20-sim is extensively used (these courses are offered to the engineering community in cooperation with The High Tech Institute, where the course can be booked):