20-sim 4.8.2 is released!

The maintenance build 20-sim 4.8.2 is released!


  • New: GUI language Chinese.

Graph Editor

  • Improved: Text alignment fixes.
  • Fixed: Opening the submodel properties of old 20-sim models.

Model Processing

  • Fixed: Algebraic loop solver generated incorrect equations under certain instances. Resulting simulator message: “Matrix sizes not compatible in div instruction”.


  • Fixed: Plot lines are too light for the second run.

FMI Import

  • Fixed: a renamed FMU file (file name different than the FMU name in the modelDescription.xml) does not simulate in 20-sim.

FMI Export

  • Fixed: local variables were incorrectly generated with variability “constant” instead of “continuous”.
  • Fixed: VS2010 project files did not include the MeBDFi sourcesScripting.


  • New: Octave: Add support for Octave 5.2.0 and (Windows 32-bit/64-bit).
  • Fixed: Python: add missing int() cast in linearize_model function.
  • Fixed: Python: disconnect() function closed 20-sim where it should only disconnect.
  • Fixed: GetSubmodelProperties() and SetSubmodelProperties() did not work for old 20-sim models.

To see the full list of features and fixes, click here