20-sim 4.8.1 and 20-sim 4.7.3 are released!

20-sim 4.8.1 and 20-sim 4.7.3 are released. These builds are maintenance builds.

New in 4.8.1

  • Installation of 20-sim for the first time on a PC no longer throws an error that it cannot find a missing folder.
  • Table2D block now gives more meaningful errors when something goes wrong.
  • Build support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 compiler for all code targets.

New in 4.7.3

  • Make sure that all default toolboxes remain active when 20-sim 4.7 is activated using a 20-sim 4.8 license.
  • Make sure that models made in 20-sim 4.8 that use the new text figure alignment feature can be opened in 20-sim 4.7.
  • The bitget/bitset functions have been improved in case a bit is requested above its 32-bit limit.

To see the full list of features and fixes, click here