Mechatronics Project

See how students of the University of Twente use 20-sim to design computer controlled systems. Using the code generation of 20-sim they can upload the code to embedded boards and test their systems in practice.

Real-time Crane Simulator

The video shows a portable operator pannel with a wirelss connection to a real-time simulation of a knuckleboom crane. By shifting the operator levers, the crane is steered to hoist a load from the ships deck into the sea.

Measuring Temperature Sensors

In this video, an introduction in 20-sim and 20-sim 4C is given by means of a demonstration. The situation at hand is modelled in 20-sim. Then, this model is exported to 20-sim 4C via code generation.

Controlling an A3 Robot

The model is exported to 20-sim 4C via code generation. The prototype A3 robot is controlled by 20-sim 4C. The model of the robot is created in 20-sim.The working controller is then automatically transferred into C-code. The C-code is used by 20-sim 4C to actually steer the real A3 robot using Bachmann M1 controller hardware.

Controlling a Torsion Bar

The Torsion Bar is a test setup that is used for teaching control engineering. In 20-sim you can simulate this setup and design controllers. This video shows how the controller can be automatically uploaded to the setup and tested.