Simulation of a Surfing Buoy

Simulation of a buoy floating in waves. The wave motion is indicated by particles. The buoy has a balast weight and is modelled with buoyancy, added mass and friction.

Newton’s Cradle

Video of the Newtons Cradle simulated in 20-sim. The animation is build with the 3D Animation toolbox that is part of this software.

Mars Rover Simulation

20-sim has a 3D animation toolbox that shows the simulation results in a video that you can upload to the web. Here a 3D mechanical model of a mars rover is shown tackling an obstacle.

Frequency Response

The 20-sim Linear System Editor allows you to enter state space systems, show linearized models and import frewquency measurements. See how you can import measurments and design a matching state space system.

Control Design and Code Generation

A model of the A3 robot is created in 20-sim. This model is used to design a controller in 20-sim. The proper running controller is automatically transferred into C-code. The C-code is used by 20-sim 4C to actually steer the real A3 robot using Bachmann M1 controller hardware.