Using the Simulator

In 20-sim, the simulator window has been updated significantly in regads to flexiblity in moving, hiding, showing, creating and deleting plots and windows. This video shows how to take advantage of these improvements.

Using the Model Library

20-sim contains multiple example models illustrating various engineering applications. In this video we will show you how to run these models. 

Using the 3D-Animation

In this tutorial the 3D-animation toolbox of 20-sim is demonstrated using a model of a mass spring damper system.

Building a spring damper in 20-sim

A mass-spring-damper system is the most common element in mechatronics. This video shows how to make a model of this system in 20-sim

Creating plot windows in 20-sim

An example on how to create a plot window in 20-sim to analyse variables after simulation.