20-sim 5.0.0 is released!

20-sim 5.0.0 has been released. This is new version with the following new features:


  • Allow encrypting of submodels with a password.
  • Added a variable value pane to the equation editor to inspect the current values during a simulation run or the end values after finishing the simulation.
  • Zooming has been improved.
  • Use of expressions to define parameters.
  • Enter and view variable values in hexadecimal and binary format.
  • Simulation kernel that now supports generation of optimized SSE2, AVX and AVX2 instructions. On recent PCs with AVX2 support this can speed-up the simulation of larger models up-to 50%.
  • Support for expressions. in the 3D Mechanics Editor.
  • Support for hydraulic fluid properties.
  • Added a new tool called the “Scenario Manager” to graphically define and excute automation scripts for 20-sim.

To see the full list of features and fixes, click here