Introduction to 20-sim scripting

20-sim scripting allows you to run tasks in 20-sim automatically using specialized scripting functions. With these functions you can open models, run simulations, change parameters, store results and much more.


These scripting functions are not very useful stand-alone. But when they are used within a numerical computation environments, you can use these environments to combine scripts, run sequences of scripts, run numerical routines on the outcomes and much more! XML-RPC is used as basis for the 20-sim scripting functions. This allows scripts to be run from every environment that supports XML-RPC. 20-sim scripting is currently available in the numerical computation environments Octave and Matlab.


This website contains the API documentation of the available Octave/Matlab scripting functions.

The xxsim library contains all available functions to communicate with and control 20-sim.

The xxlib library contains support functions to read CSV data files.