Writing your own Scripts

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Writing your own Scripts

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Writing your own 20-sim scripts is easy if you follow the following guidelines:


Create your own subfolder inside your scripting working folder. This allows you to update the 20-sim scripting files when new versions of 20-sim are released.


Use the basic script runSimulation as a template. It contains the basic functions that should be present in any script. Change the paths and filenames to ensure that the script runs your model.

Add Functions

Add functions to your script file until the examples and help.


You can find help on scripting functions in two ways:

1.Using the help file: in the scripting folder open the file documentation\index.html
2.Using Octave/Matlab: In Octave/Matlab you can type help <function name>. Then information on this function will be displayed. E.g:

help xxsimList